Fangu Industrial & ANDY WONG ARE SCAMMERS!!!

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This company is by far the most un-professional, rude, disrespectful, and un-trustworthy company I have ever dealt with.

This company claims to have high quality cell phone repair/ replacement parts. If cell phone replacement parts that fall apart upon arrival is your definition of high quality, then by all means this comapy is the one to go to.

I had Andy Wong ( also goes by the name Andy Wang) on my Skype contact list for about 1-year because they had sent me a quote on He would contact me constantly, but I never paid any attention because I already had a very reliable wholesale contact. After some what I thought to be careful consideration, I decided to give Andy Wong and his company Fangu Industrial (Hong Kong) Investement Company a try. This was by far the worst mistake I had ever made. I checked out the company website, and the link provided by Andy Wong showing their huge office building in ShenZhen, China. Their company looked to be extremely legitimate and large enough to live up to my quality expectations.

At the beginning of our negotiations, Andy Wong insisted I send the money via T/T or instant bank transfer. Personally, I refuse to do the first deal via bank transfer or T/T becuase it leaves the buyer very vulnerable. After about an hour or so, I finally convinced him to accept PayPal. He explained to me that they never do paypal because they are such a big company, but he would make an exception for me. So he sent over his "boss's friend" PayPal info for me to send the payment to. That should have been a red flag for me there.

So Andy Wong assured me that if I had any issues with the quality I could send back the items for a full refund. This sounded pretty good to me; like they stood behind their products.

I finally felt comfortable enough to send over my payment. So I sent it over, and within minutes I got confirmation from Andy Wong that they received my payment. About one week later, the goods arrived.

I popped open the box and started to examine each piece. I had ordered back covers and cases. The first piece I took out of the box was a back cover. I started to examine it, and I could immediately tell this was NOT what I was looking for. The quality on a scale from 1-10 was about a 2 (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest.) I became quickly upset, and started looking at more items. One after another, the items were consistently defective, falling apart, and of the lowest quality I have ever seen. This was even more upsetting because I paid over market value because Andy Wong ensured that I would not receive any defects, and these would only be the highest quality items.

In total, I ordered around 275 back covers. EVERY SINGLE ONE was either defective, falling apart, or had glue and other substances on it. Each time we receive inventory, we test it on one of our phones we have available. One of the pieces happened to be an iPhone back cover. I took our iPhone 4, and tried placing the iPhone 4 back cover on it, and it would not slide down or fit... I contacted Andy Wong and about the issues I was having. He said he spoke with their "engineers" and that the back covers were not supposed to slide down... I have been in this industry for years, and if a back cover does not slide down, it is defective and LOW QUALITY! These guys are not OEM's and do not produce goods for Apple like they state.

When I contacted Andy Wong about a refund of my money, he refused. And he said he would only issue an exchange. Why would anyone want an exchange for a company that already sent me goods that were ALL 100% defective? I immediately opened a dispute with PayPal, and told them the situation. They said this company is being shady, and they advised me to escalate the dispute to a claim.

I escalated it to a claim immediately. PayPal then informed me that I needed to send the goods back to the PayPal verified address before I was eligable to receive my refund. I packed up the items and sent them via DHL. $170USD in shipping later, the items were in ShenZhen. The tracking indicated that the items were on clearance delay. Meaning that Andy Wong or Kuang Bin (the managing partner) did not want to pick up the goods, and they were just trying to delay the process. During this entire time, I would receive emails and skype messages from Any Wong swearing at me, telling me he was going to have his friend in the US hurt me, and making other threats to me and my business. After a couple of days of the items being on Clearance Delay, I contacted PayPal and said the company was being very shady and was not going to accept the goods or pay my refund. A representative from PayPal said to email paypal customer service a receipt of my DHL shipment. I sent them a receipt and PayPal finally closed the case in my favor and granted my refund.



Fangu Industrial (Hong Kong) Investment Company LTD.

Tel. No. :86-0755-2888-9726 extension NO. 8015

Cellphone :008613418579735


skype :andy.wang8880

Address :6F,A Building,Bofook Lilang Jewellery Culture Industry

zone , south bay street, Bulan Road ,Longgang,Shenzhen.China


Website :

Review about: Phone Replacement Parts.


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #810849

I don't trust anything that involves China.

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China #671173

we have report this to alibaba ,and we have offered many evidence to alibaba,and the china government have also investigate this things ,,the result is this person is cheat our goods ,25 pieces not have so far ,and he has get his money back ,,

the alibaba and china government police has report this cheat person in many china supplier websites ,,wish all the seller not believe this cheat person and all china supplier not sell goods to him ,

if you have any doubt ,you can contact my skype andy.wang8880


this person ,we have really very good to him ,he only pay to me USD$2/pieces ,,,want to get the original back cover for iphone ,and we have said to him ,that goods cannot be original,,he said only can use and same as original is ok ,,so we sell to him ,but when he received the goods ,he said is too bad quality ,so we asked him to send back ,we send back the money to him,,when we received the back cover ,only have 275pieces ,,we have sent 300pieces ,,,that have 25 pieces not find ,,,,we have said this to paypal ,,the paypal and DHL service have the note to check , we are not cheat company ,if we not ok ,we will refund the money or exchanged the goods ,,but this person ,not send back all goods ,,why ? now he said so many words about the bad information to us ,,i am very sad ,,

the DHL service email ,, he also send back the goods ,write the logo on the commericial invoice and the amount is very big ,,so the goods is leaved by shenzhen custom ,.we have try many ways to take it ,,we have payed 1000rmb ,,,,,,that person said they have done this business line for about many years ,,but i think is very unprofessional ,,he write iphone in commericial invoice ,,that is really very bad if shipping ,,

that evidence is just a little to say ,,we have many in hand ,,

the shipping number is 7369229501 :cry


*******LOW QUALITÄT********

Ich hätte nicht gleiche aber auch ähnliches problem gehabt.Finger weg vom Fangu vor allem Mr.Andy Wong.Er ist nicht geschäftsman sondern.Ich hab auch schlechteste Qualität bekommen und mit falsche Lieferung.Ich hab nach falsche liferung mehrere mal e-mail geschrieben aber er gibt keine antwort.Bevor das ich teile bestellt habe hat er jede stunde antwortet aber nacher nichtssss.Noch einmal finger weg vom Andy Wong.

angu Industrial (Hong Kong) Investment Company LTD ".

Tel. No :86-0755-2888-9726-Erweiterung NO. 8015

Handy: 008613418579735


skype: andy.wang8880

Adresse: 6F, A Building, Bofook Lilang *** Culture Industry

zone, südlich bay street, Bulan Road, Longgang, Shenzhen.China


I already receive a email comes from them. I'm looking for supplier for iphones, Ipads and other android devices.

Actually, I'm about to give them a try and already added them on skype? :sigh ..

This really bad, it thought, they're the supplier I am looking for.. Can you give me a good supplier for apples & android devices?


I had the same experience with this company! STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!


I had the same experience with this company! STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!

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